PPA6 Preamp
The PPA6 is a no compromise design fully compatable with the range of Stereo power amplifiers and monoblocs from Papworth Audio Technology.

The transparent sound quality of this pre-amplifier is achieved by meticulous detail in the provision of power supplies to the tubes. All supplies are fully stabilised and regulated DC.
Six pairs of line level inputs Input impedance 50Kohm
Two pairs line level outputs Output impedance 2Kohm.
Voltage gain; control fully clockwise Plus 6 dB
Headroom No degradation at + 18dB over normal output.
Frequency Response 4Hz to 35 Khz (+- 0.2 dB)
Total Harmonic Distortion Less than 0.05 % (1Khz + 6dB)
Tube complement 2 x ECL82
4 x ECC81
Dimensions 320mm x 250mm x 120mm
Net weight 8 Kg
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