M300 Monoblock Power Amplifier
M300 is designated the most powerful monoblock in the range from Papworth Audio Technology. This amplifier is totally hand wired throughout. Components are wired with multistrand, silver plate cables. This amplifier can run at full power into difficult loudspeakers for long periods and still run cool.
Power Output 300W RMS
Frequency Response 10Hz-30Khz (+- 0.2dB)
Signal to noise ratio -95dB
Total Harmonic Distortion < 0.18 % at 1kHz, 300W
Input Sensitivity 810 mV
Output Impedance 4, 8 or I6 ohm
Tube complement 8 x KT88(European)
2 x ECC83
1 x 12BH7
Dimensions 530mm x 350mm x 210mm
Net weight 42 Kg
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