Papworth Audio Technology was formed in 1991 following the purchase from the London Borough of Hackney, of the amplifier business associated with Mentmore Industries. The designs for both the TVA 10 and M200 were originated by Tim de Paravicini for the Michaelson and Austin company. The first pieces were made and sold in the late 1970s.

Our business is the manufacture of World Class Valve amplifiers, we strive for the highest build standards and are involved in every facet of the manufacture of our products. From the critical windings of our output transformers, all the way to the skilled polishing of our stainless steel chassis, we are in close local contact with the people and processes.

Over the last fourteen years we have taken the original designs, and evolved the products to the high level of reliability and fine finish found with all of our amplifiers today. A good example of this evolution is the M300 monoblock, a leading edge valve product, able to drive and control most of the finest loudspeakers available today.

We are particularly proud to emphasise that all of the major components are manufactured by companies in or close to the University City of Cambridge in England. The company takes great pride in the manufacture of hand built amplifiers. Each and every amplifier is assembled and completed by one operator, and will be individually tested.

Recently we have moved the manufacturing part of the business to a workshop close to Newmarket, near Cambridge. My involvement in the business continues to be very direct. As Technical Director I test many products, particularly enjoying the initial procedures to commission and specification check the high power monoblocks. I am also working with our user groups, retailers, and distributors, to offer more Papworth products to the Market. At the moment we are working on three such developments.

I have recently established a sales office at my home in Cambridge in order to assist our end users. From 1st January 2005 this new office in Cambridge will be operational. The number is  01223 416078 and is for this purpose. The office is not always manned. I spend many hours in the workshop, as well as visiting Customers and suppliers. All messages will be answered, please leave your name and number.

Over the last fourteen years the products have been sold into more than twenty countries around the world. These amplifiers can have a useful life of more than twenty five years when they are looked after and correctly maintained.

Eddy J Fincham  January 2005   

Papworth Audio Technology Limited

32 Fendon Road,


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Phone +44 (0) 1223 416078

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Please note-this address is a sales office and as such cannot receive visitors without prior appointment. The office is not always staffed. No products are manufactured or held at these premises.